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BACK IN TIME: Young George McGovern

George McGovern in 1942.

This photo shows George McGovern, then a 20-year-old college sophomore, standing in front of Mitchell High School with the car he used to recruit students for Dakota Wesleyan University. In 1942, when this photo was taken, the high school was located at 410 E. Fifth Ave., according to the Polk City Directory. McGovern was born July 19, 1922, at Avon, but considered Mitchell, where he grew up, his hometown. He went on to fly 35 bombing missions in Europe during World War II, before graduating from DWU in 1946. He was a student pastor and then college professor before entering politics, serving in Congress from 1957-1961, and the Senate from 1963-1981. From 1961-1962, he was director of the Food for Peace program, appointed by President Kennedy. McGovern is widely known as the 1972 Democratic presidential candidate, but he also was an author, lecturer and briefly an innkeeper. He garnered bi-partisan political support for national and international school lunch programs, thereby feeding and educating generations of children around the world. McGovern died on Oct. 21, 2012, at Sioux Falls. (Photo courtesy of the DWU Archives)