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Mitchell Camera Club Results for May 2014 Best of Show

"Old Nebraska Farm," by Jim Kost, was named Best of Show for the Mitchell Camera Club in May. (Photo courtesy of Jim Kost and the Mitchell Camera Club)1 / 3
"Wakefield Balloon Glow" by Sue McDonald won first place in the Print category for the Mitchell Camera Club during its May meeting. (Photo courtesy of Sue McDonald and the Mitchell Camera Club)2 / 3
"Ashley Lake, Montana," by Debbie VanGenderen, won the Nature for Paul Mountain Award and first in the Nature Projected category during May's Mitchell Camera Club meeting. (Photo courtesy of the Mitchell Camera Club and Debbie VanGenderen)3 / 3

The Mitchell Camera Club sent its photos to Dave Sietsma, of Mitchell, who judged for this month. This month's category was "Best of Show." The club had its Best of Show Banquet at Chef Louise's May 16, and handed out awards and discussed categories for next year. The club would like to extend its thanks to Dave for taking the time and effort to judge the approximately 79 photos that were entered.

The results for this month are as follows:


  • 1st -- "Wakefield Balloon Glow," by Sue McDonald
  • 2nd -- "Pistol & Stamen," by Jim Kost
  • 3rd -- "Studious," by Sue McDonald
  • 1st HM -- "Sioux Falls," by Sue McDonald
  • 2nd HM -- "Pastel Dreams," by Ty Smith
  • 3rd HM -- "Balloon Shadow," by Jim Kost

Projected Images:

  • 1st -- "Old Nebraska Farm," by Jim Kost
  • 2nd -- "Playday at Dusk," by Dean Randall
  • 3rd -- "Pretty Blue," by Debbie VanGenderen
  • 1st HM -- "What are You looking at," by Cheryl Bordewyk
  • 2nd HM -- "Window Ice," by Jim Kost
  • 3rd HM -- "Parked and Forgotten," by Debbie VanGenderen

Nature Projected:

  • 1st -- "Ashley Lake, Montana," by Debbie VanGenderen
  • 2nd -- "Dragonfly," by Chalee Bordewyk
  • 3rd -- "Sunset on River," by Cheryl Bordewyk
  • 1st HM -- "Badlands 2," by Debbie VanGenderen
  • 2nd HM -- "Frosty Viewing His Domain," by Ty Smith
  • 3rd HM -- "Frost," by Cheryl Bordewyk

Nature for Paul Mountain Award:

"Ashley Lake, Montana," by Debbie VanGenderen

Best of Show:

"Old Nebraska Farm," by Jim Kost

N4C results for April:

2 x 2 Slides:

Ty Smith, "The Campers" -- Merit award

Dean Randall "Mt. Goats in Badlands" -- 2nd Place

Creative Prints:

Ty Smith "Your High Beams are On" -- Honorable mention

Jim Kost "Spiritual Dancer" -- Merit award

Winners of N4C best of show for 2012-2013 can be seen at www.N4C.US. The monthly digital winners are posted there as well. Check out the Mitchell Camera Club website at We are on Facebook as well.

If anyone would like to join the club, please contact Shannon Jones at 999-0608, Jim Kost at 996-0128 or Dean Randall at 449-4483. New members are always welcome. If you're not sure of joining, you may sit in to see how we judge and score these photos. Our meetings are at 7 p.m. the first Thursday of every month September through May.