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Davison County Salon No. 80 meets

Davison County Salon No. 80 met at The Ramada Inn in Mitchell at 5:30 p.m. on April 14, with 11 partners present.

After dinner, Le Chapeau Irene Wilson, opened the meeting according to ritual, with prayer, flag salute and Pledge of Allegiance. Lila Speckels read "Flanders Fields," Roberta Olsen read "America's Answer" and Wilson gave the "Chapeau's Response."

Leadership Chairman, Kay Thomas, talked about parliamentary procedure points and passed our papers reminding us to watch for them during our meeting.

Roberta Olsen, La Secretaire/Caissiere read the minutes of the last meeting, which were approved as read. She also gave the Caissiere report. No questions were asked and it will be filed for audit.

The following reports were given:

Children and Youth Chairman Irene Wilson reminded us of our help line 800-200-LUNG, for children with respiratory problems. She reported that she sent five Easter cards to our special children. Lorene Moeller won the door prize. Lila Speckels, Le Chapeau National, reported that our Nurse's Scholarship donations are down nationwide. Wilson, Departemental Nurse's Scholarship Chairman, asked all partners to count the letters in their full name and give 10 cents for each letter. Finance chairman Olsen, reminded partners to save Coborn's receipts and County Fair Stamps. She will send out notes to partners asking for donations to our bakeless bake sale, which will help with the La Marche Nationale Expenses in Rapid City in September 2014. Lilas Greenway, Ritual and Emblems, reported that fines had been collected.

Due to the death of Judy A. Wise, cheer chairman, Irene Wilson volunteered to fill the position. She sent one sympathy card. She will send Easter cards to our partners in nursing homes and to Judy K. Wise and Florence Fagrelius who have been ill.

Correspondence was a letter from Charlotte Heidelberger, La Chapeau and Departmental La Secretaire/Caissiere, Speckels asking us to get all reports in on time. Speckels reported that six partners from South Dakota will be attending Chapeau Days in Denver next week. She also gave us an update on the activities planned for it and the La Marche Nationale in September. Memorials for Judy A. Wise were received from Roberta Olsen, Irene Wilson, Jean Muck and the Salon.

Discussion was held on our meeting date. Jean Muck made a motion to have our meetings on the third Tuesday of each month instead of the fourth Tuesday, it was seconded and passed unanimously.

Our next meeting will be at 5:30 p.m. on May 20at the Ramada Inn with Lorene Moeller and Roberta Olsen as hostesses.

The obligation was recited by the partners, hand salute to the flag and the meeting adjourned.

The hostesses, Jean Muck and Lilas Greenway were thanked for the fun evening.