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BACK IN TIME: First National Bank in Mitchell

Pictured is the First National Bank, built in 1906, at 123 N. Main St. in Mitchell. The original First National Bank building, built at this location in 1882, burned down on Sept. 19, 1884. This building, constructed by A.J. Kings, is a simple version of Renaissance Revival. The first floor was big, white blocks while the second and third floors were a darker block.  The front of the building was built with Sioux Falls quartzite, with three columns made of polished granite. In 1914, the building was extended to the west. The bank closed in 1930 when assets were liquidated because the bank ran out of money. The building is now occupied by Larry Jirsa Architectural Firm. Shown west of the bank building is the Olympia Theatre. This is the only photo that the Mitchell Area Historical Society has found of the Olympia Theatre. The theater appears to have been built circa 1907, showing moving pictures and vaudeville shows. In 1909, the capacity was expanded to 400 seats. The building still stands, but the second floor has been removed; it now houses a custom woodshop. (Photo courtesy of the Mitchell Area Historical Society)

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