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Rural Woonsocket barn gets Deadwood grant

PIERRE — Historic preservation projects in Aberdeen, Iroquois, Sioux Falls and the Woonsocket vicinity recently received matching grants from the South Dakota State Historical Society.

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The grants are awarded through the State Historical Society’s Deadwood Fund grant program. Funding for the program is from Deadwood gaming revenue earmarked by state law for historic preservation projects throughout the state. The program is administered by the State Historic Preservation Office at the Cultural Heritage Center in Pierre.

The following projects were awarded Deadwood Fund grants:

  • Aberdeen: Brown County Courthouse, $16,000 to supplement stained glass window repair;
  • Iroquois: Bank of Iroquois Building, $16,000 to supplement roof replacement, window restoration and re-pointing;
  • Sioux Falls: Quartzite Paver Alley, $16,000 to supplement removing the paving stones, laying a concrete subsurface, and relaying the pavers; and
  • Woonsocket vicinity: L.P. Nielson Barn, $16,000 to supplement repairs to and reinforcement of the stone foundation and in-kind roof replacement.

Deadwood Fund grants are awarded twice a year, with grant application deadlines of Feb. 1 and Oct. 1. They are reviewed at the spring and winter meetings of the State Historical Society’s board of trustees.

Source: South Dakota State Historical Society