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Selected photos from MHS photography class

Photo by Bailey Reimnitz1 / 20
Photo by Tatum Dean2 / 20
Photo by Macy Miller3 / 20
Photo by Nancy Reis4 / 20
Photo by Mitch Barry5 / 20
Photo by Tatum Dean6 / 20
Photo by Taeya VandenHoek7 / 20
Photo by Elena Foglio8 / 20
Photo by Allison Miller9 / 20
Photo by Tatum Dean10 / 20
Photo by Shelby Olson11 / 20
Photo by Elena Foglio12 / 20
Photo by Dru Wermers13 / 20
Photo by Emily Becker14 / 20
Photo by Emily Croucher15 / 20
Photo by Austin Phinney16 / 20
Photo by Emily Croucher17 / 20
Photo by Emily Becker18 / 20
Photo by Tatum Dean19 / 20
Photo by Ana Medicine Horn20 / 20

What do cows, street signs and shoes have in common? Probably not much — except all served as inspiration for Mitchell High School photography students last semester. Marica Shannon, an art instructor at MHS, said she had 26 students in last semester’s photography class. She said the class is for 10th- through 12th-grade students and has been popular every semester it has been offered. “It’s more challenging than I think what they expect,” she said. During the class, Shannon said students learn the basics of camera knowledge and photography skills, such as aperture and shutter speeds, photo composition and studying different photographers.

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Once they dive into the photography portion of the class, she said they are given about one assignment per week, which could focus on lines — how lines in a photo can draw eyes to the main subject, for example — or their final project, which was 20 photos of one subject.