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GLAD YOU ASKED: Wednesday’s Daily Republic weighed in at 2 pounds

Wednesday's edition of The Daily Republic, pictured here, included 25 advertising inserts. (Luke Hagen/Republic)2 / 2

Q: Wednesday’s edition of The Daily Republic was huge. Exactly how big was it?

A: Thanksgiving Day, nicknamed Gray Thursday, and the day after the holiday, Black Friday, are considered the major kickoff to the holiday shopping season, so newspapers across the country were filled this week with business inserts to showcase some of the biggest holiday shopping deals.

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Wednesday’s edition of The Daily Republic, which cost $3 on the newsstand because of the amount of inserted advertisements — weighed 34.5 ounces, or 2.16 pounds. It had 25 inserts. The newspaper had 20 pages of regular content and also included the 16-page Advisor Advantage, a weekly shopper published on Wednesdays.

Watch the time-lapse video of the Wednesday newspaper being put together.