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BACK IN TIME: DWU Thanksgiving 1912

This photo, from the scrapbook of Dakota Wesleyan University student Ida Binger (ex. 1916), is captioned “My first Thanksgiving at Graham Hall.” It was taken on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 28, 1912, in the dining hall of DWU’s women’s dormitory, Graham Hall. The DWU student newspaper, the Phreno Cosmian, devoted much space to DWU’s traditional Thanksgiving Day football games during those years. But the Nov. 30, 1916, Phreno published this poem, titled “Thanksgiving Day,” by South Dakota poet May Phillips-Tatro: “Stir the fire, and let its light, Put all grief and gloom to flight; Not a sigh, And not a tear, On this day of all the year; Glad are we, Now to greet, Those we love, in friendship sweet; Merry voices, Laughter gay, On this glad Thanksgiving Day.” In his book “Dakota Literature” (1928), DWU alumnus O.W. Coursey (1893) described Phillips-Tatro as a sweet-singing poet who came to Dakota Territory from the famous Authors’ Club of Minneapolis. Phillips-Tatro died at Bowdle on April 16, 1902, at the age of 37. (Photo courtesy of Dakota Wesleyan University Archives)

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