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SERMONETTE: Seek God’s will, not yours

By Ron Traub

Mitchell Assembly of God

I have had the joyful experience of being the interim pastor at the Mitchell Assembly of God since June of this year. My assignment has been to lead this congregation through a time of transition as it looked to God for His choice of a new pastor.

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Finding the will of God in times of transition is not easy, either for an individual, a family, a business or a church. It is difficult because we all seem to have an idea of what should be the will of God. We hope and even pray that God will agree, because what we think is His will makes sense to us. Surely God will think so as well.

We see this dilemma played out in the Bible in 1 Samuel 16. Samuel, the prophet of God, is sent by God to the home of Jessie to select the next king of Israel. Samuel had an idea of what a king should look like — after all, the last king (Saul) stood head and shoulders over everybody. So imagine Samuel’s surprise as God said “no” to all of David’s older brothers — and told Samuel to select the teenage shepherd boy, David, to be the king.

Perhaps you are searching for God’s will. Seek God for His idea rather than trying to convince Him to bless your idea by making it His will. God may have something in mind for you that defies all reason — something in mind for you that is greater than you can imagine. If you could see today the outcome of what God wants, you would gladly choose what He has chosen for you. Do not limit God by your imagination. He loves you most — and has proven that to you by giving you His own Son to be your Savior. Having done this — He will not withhold from you any good thing. God bless you as you follow after Him and His will for your life.