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Mitchell Camera Club shares November results

Pictured is Betsy Petersen’s “Centerville Community Garden” photograph, which won first place in the printed images category for the club’s November meeting.(Photo courtesy of Betsy Petersen and the Mitchell Camera Club) 1 / 2
“Water Garden Nymph,” by Ty Smith, won first place in the projected category for the Mitchell Camera Club’s November meeting. (Photo courtesy of Ty Smith and the Mitchell Camera Club) 2 / 2

The Mitchell Camera Club met Nov. 7 at the County Fair Banquet Hall. This month’s category was “Gardens.” The club judged 46 entries this month, one of the largest numbers in a long time.

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 Next month’s category is “Roundup/Davison County.” The members also discussed some of the criteria for this category. The club would like to express our thanks to County Fair for the use of the banquet hall. The results for this month’s category are as follows:

 Projected images:

 1st Place — “Water Garden Nymph” by Ty Smith

 2nd Place — “Lauritzen Gardens” by Betsy Petersen

3rd Place — “Hitchcock Park Flower Garden” by Bonnie Scot

1st HM — “Beautiful Morning Bike Ride” by Bonnie Scot

2nd HM — “Windmill Patch” by Jim Kost

3rd HM — “Shakespeare Gardens” by Sue McDonald

Printed images:

1st Place — “Centerville Community Garden” by Betsy Petersen

2nd Place — “Sun & Stars Urban Garden” by Betsy Petersen

3rd Place — “Pond & Bridge at Sarah Duke Gardens” by Jim Kost

1st HM — “The Keepers Garden” by Sue McDonald

2nd HM — “Garden: Grand Canary Island Style” by Sue McDonald

3rd HM — “Three is a Crowd” by Shannon Jones

N4C Results for Best of Show:

2 x 2 Slides: “Lines & Curves” by Dean Randall — 3rd Place

N4C Results for October:

Journalism Prints: “HRPT Heart Attack Victim - 2011” by Rick Petersen — Merit award

Color Prints: “Hot Rods on Havens” by Betsy Petersen — Merit award

Winners of N4C best of show for 2012-2013 can be seen at www.N4C.US. Last year’s winners will be posted in October this year. The monthly digital winners are posted there as well. Check out the website at; we are on Facebook as well.

If anyone would like to join the camera club, please contact Ty Smith at 999-1338, Jim Kost at 996-0128 or Dean Randall at 449-4483. New members are always welcome. Or if you’re not sure of joining, you may sit in and watch to see how we judge and score these photos.

 Our meetings are at 7 p.m. the first Thursday of every month, September through May.