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BACK IN TIME: Halloween at DWU 1913

The annual Halloween party at Dakota Wesleyan University was celebrated at least as early as 1903, and was one of the most popular events on campus. The Phreno Cosmian reported the 1913 Halloween party “eclipsed all previous efforts.” Festivities began at 8:30 that Friday night with everyone in costume. After their fortunes were told, students were paired up and then unmasked. Coffee and sandwiches were served; then students passed through the tunnel, where they encountered wet bags, a skeleton known as “Old Maud” and had macaroni dribbled on them, “giving much the same feeling as angleworms.” In the basement of Science Hall, they went to the chapel (now the Patten-Wing Theatre in Hughes Hall), where the faculty performed musical numbers and comedy skits. This photo is of all the faculty ladies performing a “Ghost Drill.” “Coming in a long line, white and silent, they went through a drill of various positions. This was done in such a weird way that we felt it was certainly Hallowe’en.” (Photo courtesy of Dakota Wesleyan University Archives)

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