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Wish granted to Freeman boy with heart condition

Brogun Broders enjoys the new toys he received as part of his Make-A-Wish party Saturday in Freeman. The 3-year-old received a new play set as part of the 100 Years, 100 Wishes partnership between Make-A-Wish and Wells Enterprises.

FREEMAN - Brogun Broders sang as he made his way toward the slide Saturday.

"He loves to sing 'I'm In The Lord's Army,' " his mom, Kelli, said with a laugh. 

Brogun was excited, his parents said, because he finally got to play on the new Rainbow Play System granted to him as his wish.  Family, friends and representatives from Make-A-Wish South Dakota and Blue Bunny all gathered in the Broders' backyard in Freeman to celebrate the wish. His mom said the playset was constructed a few days ago, and it's been hard to keep the 3-year-old from playing on it. 

The wish was granted as part of a partnership between Wells Enterprises, the makers of Blue Bunny ice cream, and Make-A-Wish. The "100 Years, 100 Wishes" campaign is in celebration of Wells Enterprises' 100th birthday, which is on Oct. 24. Make-A-Wish grants wishes to children up to 18 years old with life-threatening medical conditions.

Brogun has hypoplastic left heart system, which his mom said basically means only half of his heart works. They found out about the condition before he was born, which Kelli said helped them prepare - but it's still difficult to watch him have five surgeries before he's 3.

"It was hard," she said.

His last surgery was in August 2012, which Kelli said should be his last surgery. Now, the happy and energetic boy and his sister, Kendall, can run and play and enjoy the new playset in their backyard.

"You would never know there's anything wrong with him," she said.

Tina Huls, administrator for research and development with Wells Enterprises, said this was the 96th wish granted in the partnership.

"It's been a great experience," Huls said. "Very rewarding."