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Bum-A-Bike program allows students at SDSU to rent free bikes

By SDSU Collegian

BROOKINGS — Bum-ABike, a program where South Dakota State University students can rent a bike for free, is starting up again this year despite having difficulties in the past.

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Programming and Public Relations Chair for the Students’ Association, Libby Trammell, leads the program with high hopes for this year.

The program operates on an honor system and if students don’t bring the bikes back by the appropriate time, they will be charged $10 every day they aren’t turned back in.

There are currently 12 working bikes this year. After reviewing applications, bikes will be handed over to the renters along with a bike lock, all free of charge.

All of the bikes are from past years that were left in the bike racks around the SDSU campus over the summers. Trammell hopes to obtain grants to get new bikes for future use, but so far, she has had no luck.

“SDSU has a widespread campus and classes can be far apart, especially with the weather,” said Trammell. “If you want to get there quicker, bikes are the way to do it.”