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HELOISE: Sniff out lost pets using good 'scents'

Dear Heloise: After reading your column about how to find a lost pet, I just had to send an idea that has successfully been implemented in our area several times.

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Leave an article of clothing with your scent in an area where your pet was last seen. Check the area several times a day to see if your dog is sitting there -- with the scent of his or her owner. -- Ellen D., Bow, N.H.

Good advice! Also, if your pet must be hospitalized or spend the night away, the same hint works! I send a T-shirt or bath towel with Cabbie. -- Heloise


Dear Heloise: Help! My son accidentally wrote with crayon on his chalkboard. How can I remove it? -- Wendy in Alabama

Don't stress, Wendy, help is here! Sprinkle a damp (water only) sponge with some baking soda and scrub the chalkboard. It might take a little elbow grease, but this should remove the crayon marks. While you are at it, give the entire chalkboard a scrub, and it will look brand-new. Rinse and wipe dry. Baking soda makes a great nonabrasive cleaner. Sprinkle a damp sponge with it and go to town on stainless steel, kitchen sink and stovetops. -- Heloise


Dear Heloise: For those who travel a lot on business: I carry a little blue cloth bag that came with a bottle of liquor. Put keys, wallet and other valuables in the bag, and place it in your briefcase prior to the airport screening process. When you get to a convenient location, just empty the bag. You'll never leave anything behind or lose it. -- A Reader, Omaha, Neb.


Dear Heloise: I have very thick hair and was having a hard time keeping it secure in a ponytail. If I use two rubber bands when I put my hair up, it helps keep it up. A simple hint, but it has helped me a lot. I don't have to spend a ton of time redoing my hair several times a day. -- R.K. in Rhode Island


Dear Heloise: Sometimes when I am wearing dresses, I feel like I need a little extra support or coverage underneath. I bought a couple of cotton bike shorts at the store in different colors. I can easily slip them on underneath a dress. It gives me support while still allowing me to breathe. -- Joyce in Illinois


Dear Heloise: How many times have you gone to write a check and had no more blank checks? When I put a new pad of checks in my checkbook, I take a sticky note and place it in where there are only three blank checks left so I'll know when to put in the next pad. -- M.G., Burlington, N.D.