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Corn Palace Stampede Rodeo Parade winners

Here are the results for winners in the 2012 Corn Palace Stampede Rodeo parade:

All Around: Iversons Chrysler

Best Use of Theme: 1. Iversons Chrysler 2. Cortrust Bank 3. Avera Queen of Peace

Youth: 1. Ultimate Kicks Tae Kwon Do 2. ACT The Cast of "Footloose" 3. Big Brothers Big Sisters Rock all ages

Antique: 1. Keith Hengelfeld 1974 Plymouth 2. Dave and Pat Linke 3. Stahl Farms

Horse Drawn: 1. Dvonne Hanson, Hanson Wagon Wheel 2. Wells Fargo 3. Merchandise Outlet

Humorous: 1. El Riad Hillbillies Outhouse #1 2. Redneck Days in Mount Vernon 3. Mike McPeek Gun Repair

Commercial: 1. Cortrust Bank 2. Wells Fargo 3. JD Concrete pink truck

Shrine: 1. El Riad Clowns 2. El Riad Sprint Car unit 3. El Riad Steel Drum Band

Retail: 1. Cabela's 2. Fashions Unlimited 3. Whiskey Creek

Equestrian: 1. Ethan Trail Riders 2. Pierre Creek Trail Riders 3. Mitchell Area Special Olympics