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Mitchell Carnegie Center seeks photos, info on 1962 tornado

May 21, 1962.

For people who were in Davison County on that date 50 years ago this month, it still has a power, a hold over their memories.

A massive tornado swept through the center of the county and across Mitchell that day, causing tremendous damage. The F3 storm left 32 injured people and $2.5 million in damages in its wake. No one was killed.

F5 is the highest rating for power of a tornado on the Fujita scale, which ranks the storms.

The Carnegie Resource Center in Mitchell is collecting photos of the tornado and its aftermath. It will scan them and return them to the owners, according to Pam Range of the Carnegie Resource Center.

Range said a display of photos will be created at the center. Other memorabilia may also be displayed if it is available, she said.

The tornado was a landmark event for area residents, who still recall the power and fury on display.

However, it pales in comparison to the May 30, 1998, storm that struck Spencer. That F4 tornado killed six people and another 150 were injured.

But the 1962 tornado remains a clear memory for people who lived through it and still recall it, Range said.

"There's a lot of people who remember it well," she said.

The center is also asking people to tell their own stories of the storm.

To share photos or memories of the storm, send them to the Carnegie Resource Center, P.O. Box 263, Mitchell, S.D. 57301, drop them off at the center, which is open 1 to 5 p.m. weekdays or email them to

The Daily Republic will also publish a retrospective of the storm of '62.