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Parents: Help kids ace tests this week

Mitchell High School will administer the required national and state assessment test, Dakota STEP, today through Friday.

Only juniors will take the test at the high school level. When the tests are scored, students will be grouped according to four ability levels: Advanced, Proficient, Basic and Below Basic. The goal of the federal law No Child Left Behind is to have all students reach the Advanced or Proficient level.

To assist students on the testing days, the district has prepared the following list of suggestions and is asking for parents' help.

• Students need at least eight plus hours of sleep each night, especially the nights before testing. Students should be in bed around 10 p.m. without TV, laptop, Internet, phone or other similar distractions.

Students need to be up in the morning at least one hour before the school day starts so their minds are ready to be engaged for the tests.

• Students need to eat a good breakfast.

• Students should not work at their job late into the evening the night before testing, at least not past 8 p.m.

• Students should eat a nutritious meal the night before tests.

• Students should be in school on the test days if at all possible. Try to schedule appointments at other times. Students that miss a test will need to make it up.

• Encouragement and support is a positive motivator. Students that come to school with a positive attitude have a better chance of doing their best while at school.