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Grand Heart Club ($1,000 or more)

Troy Bollock; Mark and Chris Buche; Chris Lippert and Theresa Campbell, MD; Jeff Clark; Patrick and Roberta Clark; Thomas and Betty Clark; John and LuAnn Clarke; Phil and Susan Collins; Steve and Bonny Culhane; John and Christi DeWitte; Bryan and Cindi Dixon; Doug Eidahl; Patrick and Lori Essig; Jerry and Laurie Garry; Ron and Sheilah Gates Sr.; Tony and Connie Geist; Chad and Jone Glanzer; John (Jack) Harris; Stacie and Dan Heesch; Shelly Muth Henke; Dale and Marla Holm; Boyd D and Dody Hopkins; Ryan and Anne Huber; Randall and Kim Kee; Lance and Patty Koth; Kelly and Cathy Kramer; Terry and Jeanne Krome; Janet Martin; Kristy Martin; Dan Matthews; Brian and Sharon McDaniel; Tim and Delores McEntee; Dr. Robert McWhirter; David Mitchell; Roger and Vicki Musick; Dave and Amy Muth; Dick and Darlene Muth; Don and Robin Pooley; Rick and Laurie Robey; Dan and Paula Schmidt; Joe and Aggie Shields; Cary and Judy Shonley; Dave Stevens; Jim and Joyce Stewart; Tyler Sutton; Ed and Patti Thompson; Larry and Vicki Thompson; Terry and Cindy Torgerson; Ryan and Kelly Tupper; Warren and Karen Vande Stadt; Gene and Jeanne Vold; Ronald and Jackie Von Eye; Gopal Vyas; Nathan and Jill Weber; Jason and Kim Wise; Bruce Yakley.

Golden Heart awards ($500-$999)

Dan and Lori Allen; Dan and Val Anderson; Lee and Shelli Anderson; Joshua Bartel; Keith and Glynn Bartels; Steve and Angela Bartscher; Bradley Bauer; Dan and Ramona Bloodgood; Bruce and Sharon Blumer; Diane Bostick; Darren Brewster; Dave and Patti Brooks; Jon Brown; Joe and Jan Brtna; Kevin and Sheila Bruscher; Brad Buche; Matt and Angella Buenzow; Charlie Carlson; Travis and Michelle Carpenter; Eric and Amy; Linda Christensen; Raymond Conzemius; Mary M. Day; Trish Delaney; Tom and Charlys Dice; Robert and Connie Duffett; Dr. Darla and Charles Edinger; Derek and Kerri Fahey; Rick and Karen Farris; Jeremy Fauberg; Quentin and Stephanie Flippin; Veronica Ford; Dean and Cathy Frederickson; Robert and Judy Freeman; Craig and Brenda Freidel; Ernest Frey; Rick Fuchs; Levi Garcia; Mike and Jean Haley; Pam Hanna; Craig and Bonny Hansen; Tim and Karen Harrington; Tamela Hartley; Mark Hazuka; Terry Henning; Brian and Melody Hohn; Dave and Janette Huber; Alex Jacobs; Jeff Jaton; Richard Jennings; Chris "Pickles" Johnson; Jacquelyn and Dusty Johnson; Chuck Kaiser; Joe and Wanda Kaus; Daryl and Velda Kilstrom; Joe and Barbara Kippes; Kevin Kloehn; Roswitha Konz; Mike and Dorothy Kowall; Travis and Anne Krietlow; Vale Krietlow; Scott and Carey Kroger; Dr. Chris Krouse; Jennie Larsen; Tamara and Justin Lautt; Mike and Renee LeBrun; Steve Limberg; Dr. Kim and Debbie Lorenzen; Justin and Meghan Luther; Drs. David and Patricia Malters; David Martinson; Christy Miedema; Wayne Schneider and Kathy Mills; Matthew Moores; Robert Mueller; Mark Puetz and Katie Murphy; Kyle and Lacey Musick; Clint Nurnberg; Terry and Mary Nutter; Dale and Barb Odegaard; Allan and Deb Olson; Brad and Merrillee Osterloo; Matthew Parker; Chuck and Lois Paulson; Cody Peterson; Ross and Katie Petrick; Tom and Brandi Pier; Jayson and Jackie Plamp; Bob and Betty Polly; Randy and Rochelle Reider; Steve and Debra Rice; Terry and Deb Sabers; Raymond Sather; Cullen and Mary Schimke; Vilas Schoenfelder; Paul and Lynette Schreck; Rod and Bobbi Schurz; Lou and Carol Sebert; Steve and Lynnette Shattuck; Joshua Shorley; John and Dana Sieck; Jeffrey and Lynne Smith; Pete and Elizabeth Spates; Ryan and Nicole Stahle; Dan and Pat Sudbeck; Paul and Kristy Szabo; Marty Takagi; Tim and Kelly Thompson; Gordon and Shirley Thomsen; Kevin and Louise Thurman; A. John Van Dyke; Jon Vermeulen; Mike Voorhees; Doug and Beth Walz; Eric J. Walz; Jason and Sarah Wear; Korrie and Cheryl Wenzel; Mark and Michelle White; Jim and Marilyn Wilson.

Silver Heart Award ($250-$499)

Kevin and Vicki Adams; Sheri Andersen; David Anderson; Jacob and Karla Aragon; Robert Arends; LuRay and Loretta Asbenson: Terry and Cheryle Aslesen; Dan and Tama Backlund; Marilyn and Fred Bailey; Michael S. Baldwin; Jon and Dana Bassett; Charlie Bates; Jason and Suzi Bates; Lori and Jack Baye; Jesse and Heather Beaner; Dave and Brenda Bechen; Doug and Geri Beck; Neil and Emily Bender; Brad and Lisa Berens; Jerry Bertsch; Chad Blasé; Cody Block; Ryan and Jen Block; Curtis and Doreen Brands; Chad and Stephanie Brooks; David and Roxi Brown; Deb and Pete Bruce; Kevin Buchholz; David Buck; Jim and Deb Buck; Dan and Paula Bures; Lonnie Callies; Norma Cameron; Dan and Kathy Carlson; Patricia Cassutt; Tracie Chamberlin; Alice Claggett; Jennifer Coats; Jacqson and Melissa Collins; Dale Cunningham; LeoPaul J. Roy and Brenda Davenport; Michael and Elizabeth Day; Paula Deckert; Andy and Dana Deinert; Linda and Denny Deinert; Bill and Liz Delehant; Eric and Sherri Denning; Darren Dierbeck; Trevor and Julie Dierks; Jolyn Doering; Randy Doescher; Sukie Douglas; Heath and Kristi Driscoll; Jay Duvall; Justin Ebert; Kristopher Edgin; Martin and Lila Eilts; Troy Eilts; Jamie Eldeen; Lynette Ellefson; Jason Ellwein; David and Priscilla Emmert; Oliver Endres; Brian and Kris Enga; Craig Engelland; Matthew Engelland; Melanie Ettswold; Kelly and Lisa Everson; Ron Faber; John Fanning; Greg and Darcy Feiner; Josh Fenner; Craig Fergen; Lori Fett; Jamie Fiegen; William and Robin Flett; Demitri and William Fool Bull; Derik Fossum; Jeff and Kathy Fouberg; Patsy Fox; Jerry and Nancy Fradet; Kendal Frey; Pam Fristad; Rochelle Gassman-Clough; Mark and Renee Gauer; Karen Gedstad; Emily George; Gregory Geppert; Heidi Geppert; Kenneth and Mary Jane Giblin; Josh Gillen; Billy and Barb Goldammer; Becky and Jim Grace; Joseph Graves; Carol Grode-Hanks; Andrew Grohs; Eric and Lynn Grokowske; Jamie Grosdidier; Jonathan and Abigail Guenthner; Jason Guilliford; Jeff Gustafson; Gary Haag; Ronald J. Hahne; Craig and Jennifer Haiar; Bruce and Marlene Haines; Garry Hale; Allen Hallman; Randy Hanssen; Jennifer Haring; Curt and Kelly Hart; Russell Hauenstein; Leonard Heckel; John Heemstra; Dan Heidinger; Cindy Hockett; Julie and Marty Hoffmann; Shannon Holm; Becky Holter; Lou Ora Houk; John and LaRue Husmann; Al and Terri Jacklin; Michael and Jennifer Jacks; Raymond S. Johnson; Ron Johnson; Chuck Jones; Donovan and Amy Jonnassen; Dennis and Wyonne Kaemingk; Dr. Brian Kampmann; Matthew Karleskint; Lindsey Kayers; Basil Kelley; Billie Kelly; Myra Kennedy; Gary Kenny; Cecil Kerr; Melaine Antoine and Shawn King Sr.; Kari Kirchmeyer; Susan and Douglas Kirkus; Eugene and Elizabeth Kitchens; James and Ione Klinger; Eric Klooz; Dennis Kobernusz; Nick Kocourek; Jean A. Koehler; Gregory Kogel; Jim and Patti Kost; Jerry and Bonnie Krcil; Theresa and Rick Kriese; Robert and Annette Kroger; Jordan Kruse; Diane and Karl Kuper; Daniel Knutson; Marcia Lachnit; Jessica Lang; Eric and Becky Larson; Jeff and Jean Larson; Jeff and Lisa Larson; Jim and Pam Larson; Samson and Karla Laufmann; Tom Lawrence; Keith and Carol Lehr; Vicki Lehrman; Pat and Tim Leischner; Gary and Rita Lemon; Mark and Carol Limberg; Rolland and Ella Loon; Don Lura; Dean Lyon; Bill and Deb Maddocks; Craig and Tanya Magee; Laura Marquardt; Dennis Martin; Greg Martiner; Paul and Jennifer Mayer; Vickie Mayer; Kevin McCardle; Kurt Menning; Carrie and Ryan Mitchell; Derrick Miller; Kim and Mike Mohr; Rob and Becki Moore; Kim Moore; Sam Munsen; Paul and Deb Muth; Ron and Kim Muth; Jim and Cheryl Myers; Brian and Starette Nash; Berry Nelson; Doug and Mary Nelson; Rebekah Nelson; Les Neugebauer; Rick and Danna Neugebauer; Tom and Deb Neugebauer; Brian Nicholson; Alan and Kaylee Nicolaisen; Dan and Renee Niehus; Pam Nielson Boline; Chuck Noel; Loren and Nancy Noess; Patty O'Connor; Brian and Deb Oftedahl; Brenda S. Olson; Deb Olson; Joyce Olson; Mike and Michelle Ommen; Mary and Ron Paradeis; Jay Parker; Tom and Sherri Patzer; Scott and Lisa Paulson; Bryce Petersen; Donna Petersen; Dan Piehl; Brian and Ranae Phinney; Julie Brookbank and Philip Picha; Troy D. Pierce; Richard and Deborah Platt; Linda Powell; Doug and Shiori Powers; Barb and Randy Pratt; Andrew and Charissa Priebe; Eric Prunty; Vicki Prusha; Nathan and Angie Putnam; Tina Rank; Dave and Brenda Rauscher; Rachel Antoin and Benn Repp; Jim and Gail Reyne; Steven L. Rhoades; Fran and Terry Rietveld; Linda Rishling; Teresa Roberts; Dusty Rodiek; Chris Roeder; Denny and Becky Rolfes; Steven F. Roth; Stuart Rothschall; John and Tona Rozum; Richard Rozum; John and Kim Rubendall; Eric and Darcy Sabers; Diane Sandhoff; Todd Sapp; Dorothy A. Sattler; Leonard and Patty Scheich; Paul Schelske; Bill and Liz Schiefen; Ken Schlimgen; John and Denise Schmidt; Billy Schneider; Joanne Schorzman; Bryant and Cheryl Schroeder; Tyson Schulz; Stacey and Tom Schuman; Bonnie Scott; Bill and Jane Sebert; Angela Seitz; Tom Selland; Kristi and James Senger; Jeremy Seppala; Montgomery Shipman; Brett Sinkie; Jerald and Lorna Smith; Keith Smith; Veronnica J. Smith; Clifford Smyth; Dan Snay; Mark Spitenberger; Dustin Lee Stahl; Jeremy Stahl; Joel and Audrey Stahl; Curtis and Doreen Stalesky; Don and Leona Stehly; Gene and Denise Stehly; Tom and Dolores Steinfeld; Dan Steinmetz; Todd Stickler; Jason Stoebner; Dawn Strand; Scott and Michelle Studer; Paula Swanson; Sandy Syrstad; Todd and Dr. Jennifer Tegethoff; Carrie Tesch; Anna Thompson; Keith and Gloria Thompson; Joe Thornberg; Robert and Deb Tilton; Perry Titze; Ken and Lois Tracy; Dave and Maxine Tronnes; Ray Trudeau; Seth and Shelly Tupper; Jean Turner; Mark Tuton; Jolyn Van Roekel; Mark S. Vaughan; Mike Vernnard; David and Angie Victor; Greg Von Wald; Rise' and Todd Waldera; Don Walker; Martin Weber; Mark Wenzel; Donna Wieczorek; Joe and Lisa Williams; Fred Wolf; Lee and Cindy Young; Robert and Laurie Young; Tom and Kim Young; Ryan and Misty Zilla; Brad Zomer.

Campaign Awards

BRONZE ($500 to $999)

Bailey Metal Fabricators, Inc.; Big Green L.L.C.; Bittner Funeral Home; Boyd's Gun Stock Industries, Inc.; Bussmus Construction Co.; City - Cemetery/Golf Course; City - Corn Palace; City - Mayor's Office/City Council; City - Public Library; City - Wastewater Treatment Plant/Utilities; Coachlight Motel; Commercial Asphalt/Spencer Quarries; Consortia Consulting; Dakota Pump; Dakota Mfg. Company; Davison County Implement (Ellefson's); Elks Lodge 1059; Farm Credit Services of America; Fuchs Orthodontics; Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance; Hansen Wheel and Wagon Shop; Harve's Sport Shop; Independent Viking Glass; J. C. Penney Company; Krall Eye Clinic; Krohmer Plumbing; Martin Trudeau Agency; McLeod Printing and Office Supply; Meyers Oil Company; Miedema Sanitation; Mitchell Kiwanis; Mitchell School - L. B. Williams Elementary; Mitchell School - Longfellow Elementary School; New York Life Insurance Co.; S.D. Social Services Department; Sun Gold Sports LLC; The Dental Clinic; United Methodist Conference Center; Wells Fargo Advisors.

Silver ($1000 to $1,999)

Bauer Dental Studio; Chamber of Commerce; City - Parks and Recreation; City - Police Division/Traffic/Animal Control; Dailey Dental Inc.; Dental Care Center; Dice Financial Services Group; Farmers Alliance; Fulton State Bank; Home Federal Bank; James Valley Nursery; KMIT and KOOL98 Radio; Mitchell Lions Club; Mitchell Rotary Club; Mitchell School - Gertie Belle Rogers; Mitchell School, Middle School/Administrative; Mitchell School, Senior High School; Mitchell Telecom; Mitchell United Way employees; Mueller Lumber; Nu Star LP; Poet Biorefining; Schmucker, Paul and Nohr; S.D. Department of Transportation, regional office; Senior Citizens Center; Stehly Farms; Stifel, Nicolaus; T K Electric; Walmart Super Center; Wesley Acres residents and staff.

Gold ($2,000 to $2,999)

Dental Designs; ELO; Exchange Club of Mitchell; Puetz Corporation; Scott Supply - John and Bob Scott; Shopko. Special Awards Hoyt J. Granter Spirit of Community (More than $50,000) Avera Queen of Peace Associates. Spirit of Caring Award ($40,000 to $49,999) Trail King Industries, Inc. Leadership Award ($30,000 - $39,999) Humanitarian Award ($20,000 to $29,999) Innovative Systems, L.L.C. Grand Achievement Award ($15,000 to $19,999) Muth Electric, Inc.; Vantage Point Solutions. President's Achievement Award ($10,000 to $14,999) CorTrust Bank; Hendrickson Trailer Suspension Systems; LifeQuest; Wells Fargo, N.A.

Key Award ($7,500 to $9,999)

County Fair Food Store; Coborn's Superstore; Firesteel Health Care Center; First Dakota National Bank SD; First National Bank SD/Insurance; Toshiba America Business Solutions, Inc.

Award of Excellency ($5,000 to $7,499)

Abbott House; Bank West; CHR Solutions; Dakota Counseling Institute; Dakota Wesleyan University; Pepsi Cola Bottling Co.; Tessier's, Inc.; Twin City Fan Companies, Ltd.; United Parcel Service; Vern Eide Ford.

Service Award ($3,000 to $4,999)

Central Electric Cooperative, Inc.; Fischer, Rounds and Associates, Inc.; Jack's Campers; Mitchell Daily Republic; Mitchell Schools-Mitchell Technical Institute; NorthWestern Energy; Vern Eide Chevrolet Buick GMC.