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Rat Rod Tour of cars to hit Mitchell on Labor Day

A caravan of "rat rods" will come through Mitchell on Labor Day. The Rat Rod Tour, a 4,000-mile journey from Mahtowa, Minn., to Las Vegas, will be made up of rat rod enthusiasts from all over the United States and Canada.

Mike Hale, co-president of the Outkasts Car Club in Mitchell, described a rat rod as a "rusty hodge-podge of parts lying around" and a "rolling piece of art."

He said some rat rods are not functional and are simply pieces of art. Others do run, like those on The Rat Rod Tour and the few that are in the Outkasts Car Club. Rat rods do not have fancy paint jobs, he added.

"They aren't super fancy," he said.

The Rat Rod Tour is sponsored by Rat Rod Magazine, which is based in Shakopee, Minn. The Outkasts Car Club will host the tour Monday at Patton-Young Park around 8 p.m.

"It's just a way for our two clubs to get together," he said.

The Rat Rod Tour will take off from Mitchell Tuesday and head for Valentine, Neb.

Rat Rod Magazine will return to Mitchell during the Outkasts Car Club show, which will be Sept. 22 this year. Hale said the magazine will likely feature the club in at least one article in the magazine.