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Animal group gets donation from Epp memorial fund

At least 30 animals will be saved from being put to death thanks to a $1,500 donation from the Neil Epp Memorial Fund.

The Epp family has decided to donate the money received from friends and family in Neil's memory to Mitchell Animal Rescue. The money has been designated to a special fund that will be used solely to rescue dogs and cats from being euthanized in the Mitchell pound.

It costs $50.89 to save a cat and $54.38 to save a dog from euthanasia.

Epp died July 4 in Mitchell.

"His legacy of saving animals will live on through his memorial fund," said a Mitchell Animal Rescue news release. "Mitchell Animal Rescue is honored to memorialize a man who was known to save turtles from roads and attract animals through his kindness.

"Neil is sorely missed, but even after death he will continue to save animals."