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PHOTO: Zesto new location

Plastic sheeting covers the front of the new Zesto building Monday on First Avenue across the street from the Mitchell Public Safety building. Roxie Ackman, Zesto's owner since 1998, plans on opening the restaurant at its new location April 10, which is later than the usual March opening. Ackman said once the restaurant opens in April, it plans to stay open year-round. Previously, the restaurant was on Sanborn Boulevard and was closed during a portion of the year. Now, the restaurant will have seating inside and a drive-up area for customers. A picnic area and walk-up window will eventually be added. The move is a financial one, according to Ackman. "It is kind of scary moving a business that has been around 63 years," Ackman said, it will be the "same place, different location." (Sean Ryan/The Daily Republic)