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ACT opens doors to area artists

It's time to put Mitchell's talent on display.

Mitchell Area Community Theatre Managing Director Megan Reimnitz said there have been a dearth of opportunities to showcase area artists, but the ACT hopes to remedy that.

"We have so much untapped potential in this area," she said. "We have amazing artists that no one knows about."

Reimnitz said Lacey Lee, of Mitchell, will be the first featured artist at the Pepsi-Cola Theatre in Mitchell. Lee is a painter whose talents with a brush include water color, acrylic and mixed media.

"She's pretty diverse in her work," Reimnitz said. "I thought she would be the perfect one, because she's so different and unique."

Once the art is set up, Reimnitz said people can peruse the displays during regular ACT office hours, which are from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. Tuesday through Friday. Reimnitz said the displays can be set up in the theater's lobby, or could flow over into the multi-purpose room behind the lobby (also used as the blackbox theater).

Lee's work will go on display a day or two after July 18, the day tickets for "The Producers" go on sale. Her work will remain on display until the show closes in mid-August. Show dates for "The Producers," the first show of the upcoming ACT season, are August 8, 9 and 10 and 15, 16 and 17. Future displays will follow the same format -- artists' work will be showcased from the time a show's tickets go on sale until the final night of performances. The other shows in this season's ACT schedule are scheduled to run in October, December, February and May.

Reimnitz said Lee is her cousin, which is how she knew the Mitchell artist was often traveling to Sioux Falls to showcase her work.

"I had just been noticing that the Mitchell community doesn't really get to see the talent around here, and I wanted to kind of help in making them realize that our community can be a much more enriched area in the arts," Reimnitz said. "It's our effort to promote the unnoticed talent."

She added this effort will be the first of several projects and events to showcase what Mitchell has to offer. The specifics are still being developed, she said.

Reimnitz said any area artists who would like to be featured can email her at

Artists should include their contact information and pictures of their work, along with a brief description, including what type of work it is what the work is made of. They can even visit the Pepsi-Cola Theatre, at the corner of Seventh Avenue and Main Street in Mitchell, to check out the space available.

"I'd really like the input of the artist on how they want their work displayed," Reimnitz said.