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'American Pickers' returning to SD

From left, Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe, stars of the History Channel show "American Pickers," will visit South Dakota in June. (Publicity image)

Ladies and gentlemen, start your pickin'.

"American Pickers," a History Channel documentary series, will visit South Dakota soon, and the team is looking for candidates to visit.

"We scour the whole country," show producer Thomas Giglio said Tuesday. "We look and see what areas we haven't been to in a while."

Giglio said the team has already crossed several states in its quest to pick out interesting items, and South Dakota is one of the next locales on the list. "American Pickers" last visited South Dakota in 2011, with a pair of episodes that aired in early 2012.

Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, two of the faces of the show, are "on a mission to recycle America," the show's website notes. The website says the two men earn a living by restoring relics. "American Pickers" documents that process, on cross-country quests that are "not your grandmother's antiquing," according to the website.

Giglio said they hope to be in South Dakota the second and third week of June, but want people to start submitting information about their collections as soon as possible.

And, don't clean up for these guys.

Giglio said Wolfe and Fritz prefer collections stay in their natural state -- the more cluttered and disorganized, the better. They prefer big, even messy, compilations of items. Collections that are set up in neat, organized displays don't quite fit the bill.

"Mike and Frank really do like to get their hands dirty," Giglio said. "We like to look for the diamond in the rough."

There are a few guidelines to get picked by the Pickers. Giglio said the items must come from a private collection -- no stores or yard sales, nothing that is open to the general public. They have also put a moratorium on items like agricultural equipment, glassware and tractors.

"We've had our fill of them through the years, and we're trying to mix it up this time around," Giglio said.

Items the team has designated it's interested in include old rodeo items, motor scooters, old advertising signage, old tin/wind-up toys, unusual transistor/tabletop radios, old movie posters, taxidermy, early Boy Scout items, pre-1950s western/equestrian gear. And, it's not just about the item; it's about that item's history.

"We really do want to see people's spaces in their natural setting," Giglio said. "Something with an interesting backstory is always good."

To submit candidates to be featured on "American Pickers," email or call (646) 493-2184.

The exact air date has not yet been determined, but Giglio said the South Dakota episodes of "American Pickers" should air this fall on the History Channel. New episodes air at 8 p.m. Wednesdays. Upcoming re-runs will air at 9 p.m. Friday and 1 a.m. Saturday.