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Mitchell man charged with wife’s suffocation death


Here are bankruptcy filings in U.S. Bankruptcy Court, District of South Dakota, for Aug. 29 through Sept. 4. Individuals can file Chapter 7 petitions (asking that debts be liquidated); Chapter 12 (a simplified reorganization method for farmers and ranchers whose gross debt does not exceed $1.5 million); and Chapter 13 (a plan to repay some debts in three to five years). Businesses can file Chapter 11 petitions to reorganize their debts under a court-approved plan for repayment.

• Aberdeen: Nathan Wayne Bettmann, Chapter 7.

• Bowdle: Shawn Andrew Grismer, Chapter 7; Shawn Marie Grismer, Chapter 7.

• Huron: Lucas Michael Bergquist, Chapter 7.

• Rapid City: Jane Lynn Harty, Chapter 7; Deborah Ann Shaw, Chapter 7; Steven Michael Reiter, Chapter 7; Sandra Louise Fernandez, Chapter 7; Ida May Gabert, Chapter 7.

• Sioux Falls: Jane Marie Williams, Chapter 7; Jerry Eugene Kadinger, Chapter 7; Sandra Josephine Kadinger, Chapter 7; Tricia Ann Quarve, Chapter 7; Michelle Marie Klemann, Chapter 7; Mykola Iluriiovyeh Pylypchuk, chapter 7; Tetyana Viktorivna Pylypchuk, Chapter 7; Tyson Martin Illi, Chapter 7.

• Sturgis: Merle LeRoy Weyer, Chapter 7.

• Tolstoy: Sandra Robin Myers, Chapter 7.

• Vermillion: Bradley Dean Melstad, Chapter 7; Beth Amy Melstad, Chapter 7.

• Watertown: Michael John Walsh, Chapter 7; Gloria Mae Walsh, Chapter 7.

• White: Shane Allen Freese, Chapter 7; Amy Lynn Freese, Chapter 7;

• Wood: Donna Loraine Willey, Chapter 7.