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BACK IN TIME: Bromley Evangelistic Meetings at Holiness Camp

Shown is the stage setting for the Bromley Evangelistic Meetings held March 15 to April 18, 1911, at Holiness Camp (also known as Riverside Camp) drawing crowds of 400 people. The South Dakota Holiness Association was organized in 1893. The Riverside location was purchased in 1906 by the association and was 4 miles east of Mitchell. In 1908, permanent buildings were erected. The South Dakota Holiness Association Campground was sold to the Church of Christ around 1980. The tabernacle was flooded in 1998 and is now property of a private owner. During its history, Nazarenes, Wesleyans, Free Methodist, Salvation Army, Faith Home and many other holiness churches joined together for the annual revivalist events. (Photo courtesy of the Mitchell Area Historical Society)