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4-Hers have great Achievement Days

By Alice Nickelson

For the Daily Republic

The Davison and Hanson County 4-Hers had great Achievement Days. We always get asked at Achievement Days how exhibits compare with previous years. This year exhibits were outstanding with numbers being up over last year in both Davison and Hanson counties. I have kept track of ribbon placings each of the last 11 years I have been in Hanson County and this year exceeded the previous high by 76 exhibits! These highs represent a great deal of hard work shown by all of our 4-Hers.

I would like to extend a special "thumbs up" to the 4-Hers for doing such a great job. I also want to thank the parents who so willingly see their youth are able to participate in the numerous summer 4-H activities. Likewise, our youth would not be able to have such a wonderful experience without the great 4-H Leaders and volunteers who give so much of their time to see that everything happens without a hitch. Our county sponsors and residents also need a pat on the back for supporting our activities, attending the 4-H Barbecues and taking an interest in what the 4-Hers have accomplished. 4-H is an organization that relies heavily on family encouragement, great volunteers and community support. We truly appreciate everyone's contribution! Thank you. See you at the State Fair!


The new school year brings with it added responsibilities. Responsibilities teach us to be accountable for our actions. Homework must be completed or grades will suffer; clothes must be washed or there will be nothing to wear.

Babies begin life with no responsibilities — everything is done for them. As we grow older, responsibilities gradually increase to prepare us for adult life.

Make a schedule for each family member's responsibilities. Examples might include: chores, homework, jobs, pet care, school activities and sports. Are the responsibilities divided fairly, based on age, interest and ability? Be sure there's time for everyone to relax.

Share the responsibilities for meal planning with family members. Plan a week's worth of menus and determine who will do what. Even little ones can set the table.

By meeting our responsibilities, we develop personal integrity and self-esteem. Responsibility creates a framework for security because when everyone is responsible, we know that what needs to be done will be done and the family will run smoothly and efficiently.