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Mitchell man on cover of magazine

It was a shock to Mitchell physical therapist Scott Houwman when his picture showed up on the front of an industry magazine.

When the October 2012 issue of Rehab Management, a magazine for physical therapists, came out, a patient of Houwman's brought the cover to his attention.

"I was amazed," Houwman said. "The photo was from four years prior, so I really had no idea that it was happening."

The photo showed Houwman working at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C., with a machine called the Solo-Step.

The Solo-Step works as a track and harness system to catch patients working on physical therapy, should they fall. Houwman was in D.C. shooting a video demonstrating how the Solo-Step is used during the time the photo was taken.

"It works really well because it frees up the physical therapist and allows patients to push a little bit more knowing they will be caught," Houwman said. "It's much less labor intensive for the staff as well; you don't need two people on each side holding the patent up."

He has used the device at his business,

Scott Houwman, of University Physical Therapy in Mitchell, is featured helping a patient use the Solo-Step on a recent cover of Rehab Management.

University Physical Therapy, in Mitchell, which is starting its 20th year of business in the city.

Houwman, a former Army medic, said the device works great for people with head trauma or amputations.

Mitchell physical therapist Scott Houwman is shown on the cover of Rehab magazine working at Walter Reed Medical Center four years ago. (Submitted photo)