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LETTER: Don’t vote for big money

I am writing out of concern for the direction our country seems to be going. It seems our Congress, both houses, is being controlled by big money that swing elections and legislation.

I am hopeful that in this fall’s election South Dakota voters won’t elect a candidate that will be indebted to answer to outside big money.

I am a registered independent and have always voted for the person and what they stand for and who I believe they will represent. I will find it difficult to support someone whose platform is try to undermine, obstruct or defeat legislation in order to represent big corporations interests.

I will support a candidate that reaches out to the people of the state and listens to their concerns.

Senate candidate Rick Weiland is reaching out to people in every town in South Dakota. I have visited with Rick in a couple of his town visits and see how dedicated to serving our state he is. Let’s not allow big outside money to put another puppet in office.