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LETTER: Public Must demand answers on EB-5

To the Editor:


 The Democratic state legislators understand there is validity to the EB-5 scandal and that state money has been mismanaged, but someone must have put a gag order on the Republican legislators. They seem to be following somebody’s marching orders. When the question was asked in a recent legislative committee, “should we issue subpoenas?” they all lost their tongues and sat idly by, wishing this would all go away.


 Is that what we elected all these Republican legislators to do? Why do they stand by and ask nothing of Mike Rounds and his former administration? Why hasn’t Joop Bollen been subpoenaed? Are they afraid of what he will say? Why do these elected officials care so much about cutting taxes, but they don’t care about state money that has obviously been mishandled? How much money might actually be missing?


 Rep. Susan Wismer can’t stand up against this bunch all by herself. I would like Rounds and Bollen to be forced to tell what they know so we can get to the bottom of this scandal. Of course, that will only happen when there is a subpoena. Foreigners should not be allowed to buy citizenships through an EB-5 visa (which Rounds claims is a good thing) for a big price, and then our state officials look the other way while millions of dollars are floating in and out of unsupervised accounts. We all need to demand some accountability. Otherwise, our one-sided Legislature will figure they have the green light for whatever they feel is “for the good of the state.”