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LETTER: Stop cosmetic fixes to big issues

To the Editor:

Here we go again.

The Mitchell City Council revisits an issue the voters have spoken on: Sunday off-sale liquor sales. Ah, yes. What does the electorate really know?

This is similar to the last big decision our City Council foisted on the community: a city manager. The voters don’t really need to have any input on this. Wait a minute -- it’s our tax monies that underwrite this venture.

May I be so bold as to suggest a partial solution to meet the necessary funding for the new city manager?

Fire the mayor, fire the City Council, and re-allocate their salaries to the new manager. The mayor and the council have indicated they need help. Let’s help them and suggest they find something else to spend their precious time working on.

I have lived in Mitchell seven years. I’m relatively new, but in these past few years I have seen several projects proposed and then tossed aside due to petty politics. Individuals look at how their personal pocketbooks are affected and not the city as a whole.

Case in point: Millions to revamp the Corn Palace, land purchased to relocate City Hall -- and we are not talking about petty cash. Why not wait awhile and when the hospital moves south, there will be a large building with enough space to accommodate every city and county office? But no, that’s not downtown.

Am I anti-city improvement? Absolutely not. I am against a mentality of a few who suggest they know best. And, like it or not, it is going to happen our way.

I think we need a mayor and city council. I’m not sure we also need a city manager. More importantly, we really don’t need a good old boys club pretending to be community leaders. Mitchell is a wonderful community. It has great potential and will only grow to that potential when the whole of the community is addressed.

I worked for several years as a funeral director, and I know a cosmetic job when I see it. Stop the phoney cosmetic approach to addressing the important issues.