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LETTER: Obama impeachment push is disrespectful

To the Editor:

In 2000, the U.S. Supreme Court elected a Republican president over the popular vote of the people. Shortly after he took office, George Bush was warned about the 911 attack, but ignored it. Within months the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history occurred. Bush then took the U.S. into two wars, one of which was justified by false claims of "weapons of mass destruction." He demonstrated incompetence dealing with natural disasters and with the economy. By the end of his presidency, the USA was in danger of an economic depression.

At this time, the Democratic Party held a majority in the House of Representatives. In spite of George Bush's disastrous decisions, the Democratic House of Representatives never considered impeachment hearings. Why not? The Democratic Party is an inclusive party, that tries to make life better for all Americans. Especially in the worst of times, Democrats supported our country and its president.

In 2008, the people elected Barack Obama president. He saved the country from the threatened economic depression, ended both wars, and was able to pass health care coverage for all Americans.

During Barack Obama's presidency, the Republicans gained control of the US House of Representatives. Now they are calling for impeachment of the president. Even the South Dakota Republican Party approved a resolution calling for impeachment. Why? The Republicans refuse to acknowledge President Obama's outstanding accomplishments, and strive to diminish him, without respect for his office or for all the Americans who have benefited from his presidency.

The Republican government in South Dakota is anti-education, anti-Medicaid and against increasing the minimum wage. It is unwilling to help all South Dakotans have a better life. It is time to vote for Democrats who respect all South Dakotans and who will work to make life better for all.