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LETTER: Veterans care not a priority to politicians

To the Editor:

Oh how the congressmen and bureaucrats are throwing their hands in the air and flapping their jaws about the poor care our vets are getting from the VA. This has been going on for decades, since Agent Orange was sprayed on our men in Vietnam and they came home sick. These self-righteous congressmen and women should have been going home and talking to the poor folks who had no tuition for college for their sons and daughters. The only way these children could further their education was to join the military first. But they don’t come and talk to the poor folk who must care for the vets.

No, no, they spend all their time back home with the fat cats who can write out the big campaign checks and whose sons don’t have to spend time in the Army in order to go to college. If their sons needed medical service, the fat cats wouldn’t send them to a veterans hospital. No way. Veterans hospitals are for the poor people. The vets hospital in Phoenix was right under Sen. John McCain’s nose when he was in Phoenix, but he must have only talked and walked with the fat cats. The world of the politicians and fat cats and the world of wounded vets and their families are like Mars and Venus.

Guess whose phone calls and emails get promptly returned, fat cats or wounded vets? Guess who gets through to the congressmen? Money talks, and the vets have none. Like the vets or their family are going to come up with a $500 or $1,000 per-plate fundraiser dinner for a chance to speak with their congressman. Of course, a congressman’s time is valuable. They have to stay on the money trail.

Did you ever notice how the politicians can go door to door campaigning among the poor people until they get elected and get connected with the money people? After that, they can just buy their votes by selling themselves on TV.