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LETTER: Get facts on Corn Palace, fine arts center

To the Editor:

Get the facts out there on the standalone fine arts center and Corn Palace, and get the disenfranchised people excited about Mitchell again. Right now, the voters are on life support.

Eighty-five percent of the people of Mitchell have no clue how our government operates. So Mitchell Daily Republic, quit faking it and acting like there is little opposition and that the majority of the people are in lock-step with our politicians.

Our local media should not be playing politics when in comes to multi-million dollar projects. There is major opposition, but people are afraid to express themselves by speaking out. The light show at the Corn Palace with new lit domes and windows won't take place until after it gets dark, which would be about 10 p.m. during tourism season. Well, the Corn Palace closes at 9 p.m. So are the tourists going to stick around for the light show after it gets dark? Seriously, this isn't Vegas.

Finally, a standalone fine arts center? Get all the facts first. Did the school board tour the new Brookings High School and its new fine arts center? Brookings gutted its old auditorium and designed it into a new fine arts center. We need to get outside the box and look at all options that are in the best interest of MHS and the taxpayers. We have a well-built high school that is in dire need of modernization. Why wait 10 to 15 years? Save the taxpayers $60-plus million and the closing of Capital Street, and remodel our high school and auditorium now. Our students want an updated, modern-looking high school along with a new-looking auditorium. The politically correct term for the auditorium would be "fine arts center."