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LETTER: Klumb’s youth belies his experience, qualifications

To the Editor:

Pretend for the moment that I’m not the Davison County Republican chairman. Pretend for the moment that I’m just a Republican, working every day to provide for my family, who hopes for lower taxes and less government intrusion in my daily life. I’m going to tell you who I think you should vote for in the District 20 state House Republican primary on Tuesday. Please note these are my personal views only. They do not represent the views of the Davison County Republican Party, or my employer, the South Dakota Attorney General’s office.

I want Josh Klumb representing me in Pierre. The reasons are many, but foremost is his experience. Josh has years of experience in legislative support positions in South Dakota. He’s been there when decisions are made in committee rooms and caucus meetings. He’s seen the meetings and the negotiations. Through his six years there, first as a committee secretary and then as secretary to the House majority leader, he’s been neck-deep in how the process works.

Many people are concerned Josh is too young for this position, but the truth is his age gives him the energy to do the job properly. We are constantly worried about who will carry the party into the future, and Josh is one of the young people forging that path. He has shown dedication to Republican values; I can attest that he has worked hard in the past to get Republican candidates elected to office. Josh’s youth belies not only his experience in Pierre, but also his experience in Republican politics. He is one who will carry the GOP into the next era. He has already shown his dedication by working with the Legislature these past six years. He has earned the respect of many legislators already because of his work ethic and strong conservative beliefs. In short, Josh is ready to represent District 20 in Pierre. You have two votes in Tuesday’s primary for state representative. I urge you to use one to vote for Josh Klumb. He’s a young man who’s ready and able to make a difference.