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LETTER: Broomstick revolution needed

To the Editor:

With the flooding of TV ads, campaign signs and literature it is important the public keep a clear perspective on candidates that is based on fact and record. Many talk the talk, but don't walk the walk.

Can your vote be bought? Look at voting records, legislative and government proceedings to verify and decide. Let's sweep out those who don't listen to their constituents.

Candidates who resort  to sending out disparaging literature about their opponent cannot be trusted -- sweep 'em. Disparaging the president of the United States as Larry Rhoden has done in his TV ads is also unacceptable and tacky.

Gov. Rounds left us with a financial mess, the EB-5 debacle and the uranium debacle. His TV ads are untruthful. His relatives are pervasive in state government, and his sister is one of the lead (highly paid) lobbyists (along with her husband) for the uranium company -- nepotism is dangerous. Present Gov. Daugaard was Rounds' lieutenant governor. Daugaard's  flood of TV ads last election had him claiming South Dakota had no financial problems. Then, immediately upon taking office, Daugaard levied draconian cuts to education and social programs because of "the financial crisis" that he inherited. His campaign was disingenuous at best. Ethics count.