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LETTER: Vote for Stace Nelson

To the Editor:

Washington politicians from both parties have governed our nation with reckless abandon. America needs a new wave of public servants with fresh ideas, fresh policies and fresh leadership.

Stace Nelson represents a new wave of committed public servants who will strongly appeal to young people and will encourage young people to get involved within the Republican Party. America must get back on track to provide this and future generations with the same opportunities as our parents and grandparents.

If Nelson is elected to the U.S. Senate, young people will be able to count on him in these important issues:

• Reduce the debt: Each U.S. citizen now owes more than $54,000 toward the national debt. I firmly believe that Nelson is the only candidate who will fight the Washington establishment and strive for a balanced budget.

• Restore economic growth: The federal government has crippled our economy and destroyed job growth. It's time we cut taxes and peel back unreasonable regulations. By doing these things, we can significantly lower unemployment and send our economy into a new era where well-paying careers are readily available in the private sector. Nelson has a very strong pro-economic-growth voting record.

• Government accountability: Young people want a government that is accessible and accountable. Nelson believes in auditing several government agencies, including the Federal Reserve. In his time in the Legislature, Nelson proved to his constituents to be one of the most accessible and accountable elected officials in South Dakota.

South Dakotans have the opportunity to elect an actual public servant in Stace Nelson; he will serve us with respect. Please join the wave of people who want to help elect a true conservative, not an establishment big-money career politician. Vote for conservative Stace Nelson in Tuesday's Republican primary.