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LETTER: Time right to elect Josh Klumb

To the Editor:

Josh Klumb, running for the District 20 House of Representatives spot on the Republican ticket, is a bright spot for me as I look at the future of our state and national political world. I have known Josh as a part of the Mitchell Wesleyan Church for 15 or more years. As his pastor, I have watched as Josh has enthusiastically stepped forward to offer to serve time and time again. Josh is the type of person to jump in and help solve problems instead of simply complain about the "darkness." Also, though young, Josh will bring lots of experience to the legislative process since he has worked in Pierre in supportive capacities for lots of years now.

Most of all, Josh is a person of high integrity and has solid conservative values. His life is guided by a genuine faith in God that I find refreshing in a person of his age.

I look forward to voting for Josh this coming primary election.