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LETTER: Rhoden's character incorruptible

To the Editor:

Tuesday is a big day for Republicans in South Dakota. Registered voters will chose one candidate from a field of five, who will be the standard bearer for the Republican Party in the U.S. Senate election in November. It is a decision of great importance, for once made it must unify the GOP in a powerful effort to support, promote and advance our candidate to the victory in the general election.

I have listened to the candidates speak over the course of a year. I have read pertinent articles in the various newspapers and perused their websites. All things considered, my vote will be cast for state Sen. Larry Rhoden. That isn't because I don't like the others or consider them qualified to varying degrees, but it is because I trust Larry Rhoden. I trust him to work for the state of South Dakota and the people who live here. He will do this without reasons of self-interest or future political aspirations.

Uncommon integrity is a quality Larry Rhoden has. I have looked for cracks in his character and just can't find any. Larry Rhoden may have an uphill climb against a popular and well-known challenger, but I'm sticking with him. He is incorruptible. I respect that. For many, Larry hasn't been the anticipated winner, but then, neither was Abraham Lincoln.