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LETTER: Lawmaker pay hike not necessary

To the Editor:

I couldn’t believe it when I read the Feb. 11 issue of The Daily Republic in regard to the possible pay raise the committee OK’d for a hike in lawmakers’ pay. I guess I have had the wrong perception of what I felt was the main reason anyone took a seat on a church board, local board, state board or a political position. I have always had the perception that when an individual accepted an appointment or ran for election, the first thing they had in mind was to create and make things better for those they represented.

I served on many boards, and never once did I serve that it didn’t cost money out of my pocket to serve in that position. I did and do feel that if you have a strong feeling that you can make life better for those you represent, compensation should be farthest from your thoughts.

The article used the term “service” they were to be compensated for. As Sen. Larry Rhoden, R-Union Center, put it, it is “a messy situation.” If I were Sen. Craig Tieszen, R-Rapid City, with the feeling it cost money out of his pocket to “serve,” I sure wouldn’t raise money to run for re-election.

It was rewarding to read the Feb. 13 issue with the headline, “Silent death dealt to legislator pay hike.” I encourage all of us to wake up America and start cutting costs. The people on Social Security and minimum wage can no longer help to cover your expenses.