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LETTER: Nothing more fun than Main Street

To the Editor:

I was incredibly saddened to read the article about the two stores leaving downtown, as I would be any store leaving downtown. Nothing is more visible (and fun) than Main Street. And in five years living and shopping downtown, I have never had trouble finding a parking spot, and there is a great variety of stores. Shopping downtown is not only more convenient, but I will always choose a downtown business first. My friends around the “water cooler” were excited about the new businesses moving in the strip mall … a bagel store? Another restaurant? I wanted something that would add to the fabric of Mitchell, not tear it down.

I do wish all businesses success, but I will be going to the other stores downtown for gifts for my children, treats for Valentine’s Day and just because I enjoy a day downtown. I am so saddened, I think I need a cupcake. Off to downtown.