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LETTER: Laws should protect animals from abuse

To the Editor:

On or about Dec. 10 or 11, I received an email from my sister about an animal abuse article in the Argus Leader. I immediately started a letter to Gov. Dennis Daugaard, Mike Vehle, Tona Rozum and Lance Carson.

This letter was written in regard to stricter pet/animal abuse laws like North Dakota has in effect.

Recently I saw on Craigslist the picture of the pet left to die in the cold, thrown out to die alone. I am writing a letter to the above people, attaching the photo of the animal.

When I sent the letters to the governor and representatives last week, I had also attached the Argus Leader article. At this time, I’ve had no response to the letter, which shows there is no interest in animal wellbeing.

Does this mean there is no compassion at the state level? We can vote in animal protectors and vote the others out. Election time is right around the corner for some.

Don’t get me wrong — I know this is an agricultural state. But this doesn’t pertain to that; it pertains to passing a bill if you are abusing pets, etc., it will be a felony. It pertains to a bill to protect God’s creatures that cannot protect themselves. He has put them on this Earth for us to protect; we are their voices.

On Craigslist it says: “Dog killed by abusive owner. Please help bring them to justice.” Will the person who did this have children, too? Will these children be abused and beaten? They should be held liable and accountable for their actions, and a bill that would make this abuse a felony, not a misdemeanor, must be passed before another life is taken.

There should be prison time and probation after the time spent in prison. Not a slap on the wrist. Also these abusers should be posted online like child abusers, child support violators, etc.

We have to start respecting all life. It is God-given.

Please write to our governor and legislators to support stricter laws and enforce the laws that are on the books now.