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LETTER: Common Core being pushed on everyone

To the Editor:

In May of 2010, before the Common Core State Standards for education were even officially released, South Dakota Gov. Mike Rounds signed a resolution from the Council of State Governments in support of the standards. Now that they are being implemented, some are raising concern. Why?

Common Core represents a “one-size fits all” approach to education that is federally backed. If fully implemented, it will be imposed on all public schools in the U.S. Private and home schools will not be able to escape, either, because the college entrance exams will be geared toward the Common Core Standards. CCSS is funded heavily by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which supports population control through contraceptives.

Even for the liberals, the idea of having a particular agenda pushed in the schools should be of concern. Despite the name, there was essentially zero input from the local and state level in developing the standards. Also, the standards are copyrighted, so they cannot be changed without the approval of an unelected body.

The standards will be imposed regardless of demographic or geographic difference.

Concerned citizens should contact their state legislators, governor, school board members and neighbors in opposition to Common Core.