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LETTER: Remember Noem’s record at election

To the Editor:

Shame on Kristi Noem for voting “no” on the bill to get people back to work. Does she have no concern for the United States of America? For her constituents in South Dakota?

The U.S. is being laughed at by foreign countries because of the non-working Congress. The nation’s credit rating could still be in danger because of the nonsense shown with the 16-day government shutdown.

South Dakotans who work for the federal government (nine South Dakota reservations, national monument, EROS, Head Start children, military personnel, to name a few) now get to go back to work, but not because of Kristi’s “no” vote.

She voted against the Violence Against Women Act earlier this year — not concerned about the women on the nine reservations in South Dakota. Is she prejudiced against Native Americans? She seems to follow tea party representatives. Is Kristi prejudiced against our first black president, too? Did she sign that Republican contract when she landed in Washington that said she promised not to vote for any bill that President Obama wanted?

She voted against a bill that helped veterans, too.

Her only concern seems to be to put the government in default and oh, yes, the farm bill. She needs to get that through so she can continue to get her annual subsidies. She cares about herself, but not for the people in South Dakota that she is supposed to represent. Please remember her voting record when you go to vote for a representative next year.