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LETTER: Thune, GOP not working for SD

To the Editor:

For those who have been writing letters blaming the Obama administration and the Democrats for inaction in Washington, D.C., you aren’t receiving all of the news from both sides. CBS, ABC, NBC and CNN report news. Fox reports only its biased opinion.

How many of you who only watch Fox have seen the press conference that was held only days after President Obama was inaugurated in 2009 where Sen. Mitch McConnell said, “We are not going to pass any legislation put forth by this president. We will make him a one-term president.”?

I’ve seen that repeated many times, and the worst part is that Sen. John Thune is standing behind him nodding in agreement.

Is it any wonder the GOP has been named the party of “no”? It is sad that the GOP is blaming everyone else for not passing legislation to end the recent impasse. House leader John Boehner can’t even get enough representatives from his own caucus to commit to a vote for a farm bill.

Sen. Thune is not representing our state, because in South Dakota we work together to get things done. He and his fellow cronies have no intention of doing what is best for all people in this country, only their personal interests.

It is hypocritical after that press conference to even mention “working together” or “bipartisanship.”

Senator: (and all elected officials) work for what is best for all Americans.

Get with the program.