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LETTER: End shutdown by passing Glass-Steagall

To the Editor:

Congress must immediately break the impasse on the government shutdown and the looming debt ceiling increase by passing Glass-Steagall through both houses with a bipartisan veto-proof majority.

President Obama is playing Nero, exploiting a government shutdown in a desperate effort to revive his collapsed presidency. And elements within the Republican Party are obliging him. This nonsense is concealing a far more deadly reality. The U.S. economy is a collapse that cannot be stopped. Hyperinflation, accelerated by the past decade’s policy of quantitative easing, bailouts, and bail-ins has reached the point that the standard of living of the overwhelming majority of American households is collapsing.

Glass-Steagall will end the bailouts and bail-ins. Let the Wall Street gangsters go down. They are parasites on the real economy and have no rightful place except behind bars.

The proposed “clean” continuing resolution that has been accepted by Democrats and Republicans is a murderous collection of cuts that will accelerate the disintegration of the U.S. if allowed to go forward. Republicans are not wrong that Obamacare should be killed, but the real health care tragedy is the takedown of our once-fine system of hospitals, clinics, research institutions and other medical services. Unless there is a genuine leap in overall economic activity, beginning with such great projects as the North American Water and Power Alliance, an international crash effort to achieve thermonuclear fusion power and other projects that build the trans-Pacific region as a hub of global expansion, America is doomed.

Anyone who wants a future must line up to push through Glass-Steagall immediately. Free from the Wall Street bailout, free from the hyperinflationary quantitative easing and other swindles that loot the American people in favor of a financial oligarchy that is criminal through and through, this nation can lead the world into an era of peace, prosperity and scientific advancement. This is the true calling of America, not the kind of cynical partisanship now being promoted by an ever more desperate and impeachable president. Larouche is demanding Glass-Steagall now,