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LETTER: US not meant to be ruled by mob majority

To the Editor:

Your Oct. 2 Our View blamed the “extreme fringe of the Republican Party” for the shutdown of the federal government. It is not they who are refusing to give up a toy. It is those who want their Obamacare toy and to have someone else pay for it.

Then you go on to charge “some Republicans” with forgetting “how a democracy is supposed to work.” The founders of this country understood how mob rule by the majority works, and that is why they rejected that form of government and instead set up a constitutional republic as the law of the land.

So when will this paper admit the Constitution should no longer be the law of the land? After all, you did call those “extremist Republicans,” who understand the founders’ aforementioned political position, “political terrorists” from “a third-world country.”

Admit that you instead want to continue building a socialist state where the majority can take away the rights of the minority. You made that clear by advocating a movement is supposed to take control of the White House and Congress by gaining majorities “and then pass their own legislative agenda.”

You end the editorial by calling upon voters to “throw out those holding the government hostage to their own demands, and elect more moderate men and woman.” Ever consider the possibility that the establishments of both parties are responsible for the government shutdown? And it will go on long enough to give the media enough time to blame it on their political opponents so that after the next election is over, the ruling elites (moderates) can have their own demands forced down our throats just like Obamacare is currently being rammed.

This paper probably can’t even consider that possibility, because that would mean that you have been duped into misleading your readers into voting for those who are not representing them and who refuse to uphold their oath, which means defending the Constitution.