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LETTER: Corn Palace plan a waste of money

To the Editor:

The nighttime picture in the paper of the new oversized Corn Palace murals struck me as a huge waste of money. The Corn Palace closes before dark in the summertime, with most of the visitors moved on to their destination or staying in motels around town. So all the lighting proposed seems to be for the benefit of the electric company and the egos of those who came up with the concept.

Talk with the greeters at the Corn Palace and they will tell you that the visitors love what they see in their daytime visits, because it is so different from what they have in their home towns, whether here in the states or their towns in Europe or Asia. They came to see the corn and not electric lights.

The Germans have a word for art in bad taste -- kitsch. That is what it means to me, and I would be surprised if most of the citizens of Mitchell do not agree with me. Why not take a poll and find out?