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LETTER: Hall, Volesky's words seen coming true

To the Editor:

During the months-long campaign, Tara Volesky and Rod Hall warned of increasing taxes for owner-occupied homes and local businesses. Our figures were called bogus. Bob Mercer's writing on June 13 in The Daily Republic, after the election, states that those taxes would increase by $15 million.

Volesky and Hall stated that expensive terrazzo repairs would be needed in the new Longfellow School. On June 8, The Daily Republic published a letter stating "those problems have long since been remedied by the contractor." On June 27, Ross Dolan wrote an article headlined, "Terrazzo floors to be pulled, replaced."

Volesky and Hall stated there was too much secrecy in too many large building projects in Mitchell, including the proposed high school. Dana Price charged Volesky and Hall with "throwing mud." Volesky and Hall warned that additional TIFS would impact present homeowners' and businesses' taxes. Ross Dolan wrote that Brenda Bode, Tom Greenway, Denny Kiner and Gary Stadlman had serious questions on the TIF, and Tom Greenway expressed concern about lack of information about how TIFs will affect other taxes.

When questions like these are raised, the superintendent's job is to give the public honest and clear answers. Because this did not happen, Volesky and Hall will continue to inform the public, on a timely basis, on these and other issues about which the public has a right to know.