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LETTER: Powertech's plans not good for SD's water

To the Editor:

Western South Dakota is a semi-arid high plains prairie. Water is a precious commodity. In-situ leach (ISL) mining has never been done in South Dakota.

Powertech Uranium Corp. (which has never mined anything) wants access to 9,000 gallons per minute of our water for 20 years for ISL uranium mining near Edgemont. Who's going to regulate and control the water? Citizens and residents of the area through their local government, or a foreign private corporation and the Feds?

Powertech applied for a permanent exemption from the Safe Drinking Water Act, meaning it expects to pollute our water.

Powertech, a Canadian company, is immune to our laws. What guarantee does Powertech have that their 1,000-plus acre toxic wastewater lagoon will not foul the Cheyenne and Angostura?

What health, medical and epidemiological studies on other ISL projects has Powertech provided?

Powertech will sell uranium. Where the uranium goes -- nobody knows.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has determined economic benefits to South Dakota will be minimal. Does it make sense to give our water away to a foreign company and compromise the quality of our water, so that our uranium could potentially be used against us by our enemies?