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LETTER: A vote for Nelson is a vote for veterans

To the Editor:

In the 2011 session of the state Legislature, lawmakers cut the salaries of the veterans service offices by 10 percent. This year almost everyone got a pay increase except for the veterans service offices. Their duties are to assist veterans and their spouses with legal matters pertaining to getting them into the VA Hospital and the benefits due them, as well as helping the widows of the veterans that served our country.

I support Stace Nelson because he was one of the few representatives to support funding to help these people. I brought this to the attention of our legislators at a district meeting. Stace supported this action, but it failed to pass.

As a Hanson County concerned citizen and registered voter, I support Stace Nelson as our representative of District 19, and I ask for your support as well.

Let's hire someone who will work for us and let us say thank you to those who have served.